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Yazeed AlKhalaf ⇒ Flutter Dev & Designer


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Flutter Examples

Apps made using Flutter

How to use OR download?

Way One (Recommended)

  1. Download GitZip for GitHub from Google Chrome Webstore.
  2. Double click on the white space beside the project you want to download as shown in the picture below: step_one
  3. Click on the Download checked items button as shown in the picture below step_one

Way Two

  1. You can clone this repo or download it as a zip.
  2. Have Fun Playing Around!

Will you update this repo?

Definitely yes, I will update this repo. There will be more apps to make use of in the future.

Flutter Example Apps (Source Code)

  1. Sign In & Sign Up UI
  2. Weather Interface UI
  3. Calculator App (IOS Replica)
  4. Dashboard UI
  5. Random Users HTTP

Want to contribute?

Make a new pull request!

There will be more specific rules and guidelines in the FUTURE!


This project is licensed under MIT License

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